Roulette Winning Strategy 100% hit on all spins!


Hello, friends, Today is drought from 446 euro and my target is 350 Euro, I said it before that.

I am happy with no amount. I no need to make 1000 or 2000 I am very happy when I make 300 or 400 or 350 it’s good money for me. So I never cross my winning margin rather so when I make 300 or 200 after that I stopped playing Let’s see.

What happened. I loss okay One thing is very important you started fast love it because first time we had to know the board calculation the number Howie Landing the ball how landing is all you have to need to watch? First time after that you go for big But my suggestion is when you started to play Mini one bankroll is 100. It’s good because if you lost Two or three or four it spins Your bangle is very low 20 or 30 or 50 then you can come back so you should start from 100 and Hope you can make money Well Jay first time play with a low bit right now I Go off. I need to select the number.

But for a time I can select a number. When I play with timber, there’s a big problem. I every time I have not bet perfectly because In Tim Bri show him a is five seconds or six seconds later Anyway, I Miss only for the true number is very bad. Yeah, no problem. Let’s see. What happened The wall hit on 27 third, okay Wow time is over so I can bet. Let’s see what happened where the ball landing Was select on 26-th section the body tone 32 But luck now I go for big Okay, my guess is a bullet on 20 are relevant or one Hour 36 Most probably I Need too much between T 1 and 11.

Let’s say horrible heat Is 1 I need to beat here too much ok, no problem If you want to play with me share then you have to minimum bankroll 100 euro and one thing That I am a man and I am NOT a magician So if you think I make money every day Every time that’s wrong because this is relate And well no chance to make money luck Only for the log if you make money with the log system So if you think I am a magician or I do magic here I make 2000 $3000 is wrong Because I can’t make 2000 3000 with 100 We win And I paid $15 on the fifty number Still I am confused about board the board is not good. Okay, so why shoot Slow bet for winning Let’s see what happen We’re suing is 10, no problem The board get baby row, so why now I bet You big Or seven, let’s see Maybe I done a wrong bit right the ball heating I can understand I Want to select 35 section, but don’t select the ball Let’s say hard happen if he’d the ball 35 0 26 32 then I have to upset because I need to wait I Lost I lost only for one number very bad The number 17 was selected number, but very close I lost a bit Ok, no problem. Let’s see. What happened. I need to slow that I want to make a two day only 300 or 350 and I’m happy with that Because this is good money for me I love Your sakes a loss The ball of hitting on same place ten six to the 5/8 to the tree ball our velocity here So I should say like six Let’s say what number will come I bet on 1822 and Wow, it’s lost her for Denis 829 was Six numbers. Okay.

No problem. I win this good thing. Today I should play slowly because my bankroll is big and my target is low only 300 So I don’t Go for a big bit. I Make it slowly when you play that fast start from slowly after that go for me There’s the good.

Okay, I lost Because I need to select a number. I don’t do that Let’s see. What happened You see her at the ball heat 0:32 26 and three is my favorite number for less weight on three too much because One plus two is three receivers. It was I think I lost the ball rounding and rounding Very bad before heat Come on to the 6-3 0 35 Coming 22 when I lost for only one number because 31 on my bed and 22 very bad like Select only five ma not masked. I’m forgetting Almost 200 profit I need Now right now I Started from 439 49 maybe so It’s 160 profit, you know So very good I Need to select online Because No hard the ball hit but my prediction is 9 Mr.

Cool, no loss is profit. No problem we go for 117 after that I should stop play and it’s good for me So I need only 100 after 100 I showed is to play because my target is 350 today so after 3 800 I should stop playing and I say to you something a loss. It’s 5 ok. No problem Now I should go for a big not big only 2 is divot What happened Lissy, okay, I Need to select I want to select two Muslim but 2 4 6 8 14 only 40 number selected I Guess Wait, yes, man There’s very good for me, okay, no problem When I make only 30 USD to reach my goal Oh Only 5 number selected let’s bet To the ball hitting on red number too much I Have a written blood strategy And it’s work very fine. Yes, man was I mean there’s the cool I think I want something I said a thing that Every state is it good? and You can make money from the best-led. So I Think every day, you shoot a goal 300 or 400 or 200 is will we will target?

After Achieve the target you should stop playing because there’s also a strategy when you stop playing there is a very good strategy and you have to learn it because if you play a long time you can make money with money you in casino that all will be lost so There’s very important Thing that when you will stop your plate, so my saddest for you Target amount which you want to profit and that must will be limited and after that after where the shoot is to play when you get where you Aim, and where you target? Then you should stop.