Online Gambling in Canada Under Fire

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There have been some rumblings for some time now that the Canadian federal government may be looking to go after online gambling within the country. There are several sites in places like the Kahnawake Reserve near Montreal, and they may be attempting to put an end to the online gambling that is offered through the reservation.

However, even though online gambling is already illegal in the country, the Mohawk of Kahnawake says that law has nothing to do with them. They say that they are a sovereign nation and therefore can offer online gambling as much as they please.

The reserve is home to hundreds of online gambling sites, including some of the biggest names in the industry. In fact they are considered to have more online gambling operators running through them than the majority of locations across the world.

The tribe has been offering online casino banking in Canada for some time, and has pretty much stayed under the radar of the Canadian government, however with the recent illegal online gambling charges faced by one of their customers the tribe found themselves back in the spotlight again. The customer paid a $2 million fine, but that did not seem to quell the problems that the government had with the online gambling industry.

The government has stepped forward and is working to get rid of the online gambling that goes on there. They have several officers of their government working to get online gambling made illegal at the site as they say that it is a blight on the people of Canada.

According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, or the NCPG, many people can gamble without any fear of problem coming from it. However, for a small percentage of the population, gambling and online gambling becomes a sickness and they cannot control it.

They say that about 2 million people fit the criteria for pathological gamblers. They also say that about another 4-6 million could be considered problem gamblers. Out of all of these groups of addicts and non addicts, women are the fastest growing group of compulsive gamblers.

With women having more buying power and the idea of gambling growing faster and faster, more women are gambling and becoming addicted. They have found that among those participating in online gambling, women are the largest group and much of this has to do with the fact that they can do it in their own homes.

Not many women are comfortable enough to walk into a casino by themselves and sit for hours playing a game. However, with online gambling they can do just that without being bothered by anyone. No one has to see them, and no one knows to what extent they are participating in the online gambling unless they choose to tell them.

Women usually gamble to escape the problems in their lives, and when they are at the height of their gambling addiction they find it difficult to focus wherever they are and their work productivity suffers as a result of it.