How to Play the Good Bad & Ugly Poker


So we just did the initial part of the hand of the good the bad and the ugly. Let’s do the remainder of the hand so we have gotten past the third street and now we’re going to do the fourth street. Before there is any betting you are going to turn this card over, tens are wild this guy over here now has a pair of aces. Let’s look at the pocket cards real quick well, no tens there, no tens there, no tens. But he has a pair of aces and at this point, he’s going to look around and see that we have no pair of aces.

He’s going to try to take advantage of a situation and bet away. Now fifth street comes before any betting in suites we turn the bad card, it’s a five. If you have a five you have to discard it, no fives here. There’s a five, discard it. No fives here, no fives here the best hand at this time is still a pair of aces and again. Knowing that I have a ten I have a pair of aces I have a wild card working and knowing that one of my opponents lost a card I’m going to bet away.

I’m going to try to get them to fold and take down the pot. Then we deal the sixth street and we flip the ugly card, it’s a queen if you hold a queen you have to fold. No queens here and no queens, no queens, no queens well that is unfortunate. This person now has two tens so their working with three aces at this point they are going to bet hard. Probably take down the pot but let’s assume everybody stays in.

We’re going to deal the last down card and we’re going to look at it remember if it’s a five or a queen it’s going to change things. There’s a queen this person has to fold right now and the guy who has been leading the whole way did not catch a queen. So he’s in good shape he has at this juncture three tens and verses his three tens is a hand that is just the high hand. So we won’t even mess around with that, I know I’ve been saying three tens but it’s actually three aces. Over here is a hand that it’s just a pair of sevens our three aces the hand that was ahead the whole way takes down this hand of the good the bad and the ugly.